The Emergent Curriculum

Emergent curriculum is a philosophy of teaching and a way of planning a children's curriculum that focuses on being responsive to their interests. The goal is to create meaningful learning experiences for the children.

Emergent curriculum can be practiced with children at any grade level. It prioritizes:

• Active participation by students
• Relationship-building among students
• Flexible and adaptable methods
• Inquiry by students
• Play-based learning by students
• Emergent curriculum is child-initiated, collaborative and responsive to the children's needs

Planning an emergent curriculum requires:

• Observation
• Documentation
• Creative brainstorming
• Flexibility
• Patience

Emergent curriculum starts with the observation of the children for insight into their interests. Additionally, content is influenced by values held for the children's learning by the school, community, family and culture. The classroom typically consists of learning centres that expand and facilitate children's learning and encourage independent learning skills.

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