Upcoming Dates

Date Event
January 1 New Year's Day (closed)
January 6 Back to School
January 18 Parents' Night Out
January 25 Chinese New Year
January 31 P.A. Day

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Photo of the Month

Coppens Academy Childcare is 
pleased to announce that we have been voted the number one childcare in Kingston – again!
Thank you to all our parents, children, and staff who make our childcare the fun and enriched learning environment we are so lucky to enjoy everyday.

Weekly Menu

Week Menu
January 20 Menu 2
January 27 Menu 3
February 3 Menu 4
February 10 Menu 1
Februray 17 Menu 2
February 24 Menu 3
March 2 Menu 4

672 Golden Mile Road
7:00am – 5:30pm

817 Division Street
6:45am – 5:30pm

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