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Coppens Academy Childcare is the new standard in high-quality, early childhood education. Globally, colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning exist to meet the need for higher learning – yet few institutions exist to provide a true, consistent premier learning and developmental environment for young children – until now.

Our facility is designed to encourage and provide life-long learning strategies in an academically rich and engaging environment. Full time academic care is available for children ages twelve months to four years of age. Before and After school tutoring and care is available for children in grades 1 to 3. Our learning system is designed by Ontario certified teachers with a combined resume of a Masters of Education, Reading and Curriculum Specialists, Bachelors of Art with Honour in Sociology and History, as well as degrees in Nutrition and Physical Education.

Coppens Academy incorporates a Multiple Intelligence approach with a differentiated, individual, developmentally appropriate and thematic instructional practice. Concurrently, we promote a spirit of family, community, cooperation and inter-dependence in which every child’s contribution is recognized, valued, and rewarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions that we often encounter at Coppens Academy. Should you have any other questions, comments, or concerns; please do not hesitate to contact us at 613-331-3993 (Golden Mile) or 613-507-3993 (Division).

Q: Are you a licensed facility?

A: Yes! We are licensed both through The Ministry of Education (Ontario Board of Education) and KFL&A Public Health.

Q: How long has Coppens Academy offered childcare?

A: Coppens Academy (Golden Mile Road) opened in June, 2009. The Division Street Academy opened in 2012 in a brand new facility, offering an optimum environment for your child’s care.

Q: What are the caregiver to child ratios?

A: All Ministry requirements are met and/or exceeded. The educator to child ratios are:

Before & After Care1:15

Q: Does your staff have ECE status?

A: All classrooms have at least one registered Early Child Educator and all supervisors are registered Early Child Educators. In addition, our classroom teams have Autism Training, CPR, First Aid, as well as some are Ontario Certified Teachers and Child Youth Workers.

Q: Does you staff have CPR and First Aid?

A: All staff members are required to annually qualify in CPR training. A minimum of three staff members at each facility are qualified First Aid providers. Coppens Academy annually covers First Aid and CPR training for all employees through St. John’s Ambulance and holds private sessions for the staff.

Q: Is there an education curriculum in place at the Academy?

A: Yes – Coppens Academy prides itself on pursuing the Ontario Curriculum, including: Jolly Phonics Language, Preschool – School Readiness Program, On-Site Gymnasium (Health), On-Site Library/Computers

Q: Do you provide toilet training?

A: Yes – Toilet and hygiene training are a primary focal point in every classroom. When you are ready to start potty training, we will assist you while they are here at daycare.

Q: Are meals and snacks nutritious?

A: Our six-week rotational menu has been approved by the Ministry of Youth Services and KFL&A Public Health. The menus are consistently being reviewed and updated to meet changing needs and regulations. Every snack incorporates a minimum of 2 food groups as outlined in Canada’s Food Guide and lunch always incorporates all 4 food groups. Children are provided 2 nutritious snacks and a well balanced lunch including dessert every day.

Q: Do you accept financial aid/subsidy positions? If so, how do I apply?

A: Yes – Coppens Academy has funding arrangements in place with the City of Kingston, Lennox & Addington, and Prince Edward County and Hastings Township. For more information or to apply for The City of Kingston childcare subsidy program, please click here.

Q: Do you perform fire drills? How often?

A: Yes – Fire drills are practised on a rotating basis at a minimum of once per month. The time and day of the week are varied and performed without prior knowledge to allow proper measurement of the effectiveness of the drill.

Q: Do you allow for special needs diets?

A: Yes – Our cooks can prepare special meals for those with food allergies. Children requiring food to be brought into the Academy will require a physicians note specifying the type of food and why.

Q: Are buses to schools available from your location?

A: Yes – Bus routes are available and bussing is provided by Tri-Board Student Transportation Services to approved local schools both before and after school. For more information on what schools have bus routes to our locations, please visit our Before and After School page here.

672 Golden Mile Road
7:15am – 5:30pm

817 Division Street
7:15am – 5:30pm

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