Our toddler program is specifically designed to encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery and our teachers understand your child’s growing and changing needs. Your toddler is asserting a sense of independence and personal ownership and each day they experience greater and more meaningful interactions with the world around them.

Your toddler is filled with energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm to learn. Our qualified teachers have the experience and training required to successfully accommodate your child in each stage of their development. Each toddler is committed to fostering an environment of personal growth, positive social interaction and exploration.

Our classrooms are designed to provide a learning community where your child feels safe, secure, and loved. With an understanding that toddlers require both a multitude and variety of opportunities to explore and experiment, we have designed each aspect of the toddler environment with the active, inquisitive toddler in mind. Our classrooms expose toddlers to a variety of sights, sounds, textures, and technology to aid in their journey of discovery. Dramatic play and sensory, social, mathematical, and language development are at the heart of our toddler program. Each classroom has sections specifically designed to foster growth in these areas. In addition, children participate in whole group activities including, gym, outdoor play, music, and circle time.

Ages: 12 months to 30 months

Availability: Please call your desired location for more information on available days.

Typical Schedule:

Morning Free Play, Washroom & Diapers, Morning Snack
Circle Time (Group Song, Gross Motor/Creative Movement, Book Reading, Favourite Songs/Activities)
Outside/Inside Play (Dependant on weather)
Lunch Lunch
Afternoon Science/Sensory Activities
Outdoor Time/Recess
Story time/Language
Free Play

For easy communication between parents and teachers, each classroom uses ClassDojo to send messages and share progress updates, photos, videos, and announcements with parents. Please consider making a free ClassDojo account so you can communicate in realtime with your child’s educators and stay up-to-date with what your kids are doing and learning throughout the day!

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672 Golden Mile Road
7:15am – 5:30pm

817 Division Street
7:15am – 5:30pm

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